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Think-Cell training videos

This article is a collection of videos to help you learn the basics of Think-Cell

To learn what is Think-Cell and if you can become a Think-Cell designer read this article first.

Think-Cell basics

How to create charts and basic chart settings​

Think-Cell basics: ​

Think-Cell ribbon group and Elements menu​
Inserting elements​
Resizing elements​
Rotating and flipping elements​
Entering chart data​
Selecting elements and features​
Formatting and style

Think-Cell features ​

Different types of arrows, connectors, legend, etc ..

Axis, break, set same scale setting , etc ..

Think-Cell agenda ​

Waterfall chart​

Gantt chart​

Mekko chart​

Recreating Data from a Picture with Think-Cell​

Tips and Tricks + Extra Tutorials

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks

Extra tutorials

Extra tutorials

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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