What are notifications on Knowmore Platform? How do they work?

Notifications are how we let you know when new projects are available for you to apply to. Notifications are based on a staggering algorithm. The highest rated specialists get e-mails first and only afterwards do specialists with lower ratings get the same e-mail if the project does not get allocated. If you have a rating of above 9.5 you will probably be among the first to find out about new projects.

How do we notify you about new projects?

We can send you an e-mail
We can send you a message via Telegram
When you are logged into the platform you will get a ping and a number will show up on the little alarm bell icon at the top left of your screen

What can you do to get notifications?

Make sure your notification settings are always up to date so we can reach out to you at the right times
Connect your profile to Telegram (find out more in this article about Telegram)
White list the e-mail address we send notifications from so they do not get sent to your spam folder
Have consistently high ratings

What should you do when you get a notification?

Log into the platform, apply for the project and wait to be allocated! Be fast, because projects get allocated quickly!

I don't get notifications!

Your rating may be too low, and by the time you would be sent a notification, the project may already be allocated to a designer
You have not applied for a project in the last 2-3 months. To reactivate notifications, you will need to log into the platform and apply for a project.

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